Classic & Vintage Car Modifications & Customisation in London

Classic cars have that commanding presence & character that the shiny new models simply do not have.A classic car brings about a more vibrant driving experience as there can be a deeper sense of connection between the driver and the vehicle.

Modifications on classic cars are done for both aesthetic and functional purposes – you want the car to be at its top running condition, and at the same time you may be looking for a way to either: restore its original (flawless) appearance, or tweak its look according to your personal preferences.

Our Services for Classic Cars

  • Classic Radios 

We offer a range of in-car classic radio and digital audio products for your classic car. Our classic radios come with many modern features including:
High-End CODEM IV High-End World-Tuner-FM (RDS), AM Tuner-DAB+ Tuner built-in Data Carrier USB, SD, Aux input, Line Input, MP3 & USB.

  • Servicing

    This includes the regular maintenance and servicing needed by the classic car to maintain its high-quality performance. Servicing may also include preparation of classic cars for racing or rallies, or for auto shows.

  • Bodywork

    Bodywork services can include anything from minor repairs to the car panels, rust repair, to total renewal of the bodyshell and complete reproduction of the panel work to restore the classic car’s structural integrity.

  • Interior

    Restoration of the interior can involve the sourcing and use of original materials, or a uniquely specified design to further personalise the experience of owning and driving a classic car. Interior trim refitting/restoration includes the carpets and seat covers as well.

  • Paintwork

    Appearance of the classic car is significantly enhanced with high-quality paintwork, whether as a reproduction of the original colours or with a different take using the paint technology of modern vehicles.

  • Mechanics

    Mechanical restorations include full engine and transmission repair, lead-free engine conversions, gearbox repairs and rebuilding, chassis restorations, and the like – both for regular driving use and for racing or car show purposes. Upgrades such as that done to the braking system are also undertaken for improved safety.