Dash Cams in London

Dash cams have become integral parts of a driver’s arsenal of tools. Sometimes referred to as an event data recorder, driving recorder, or car DVR, a dash cam is mounted onboard a vehicle to continuously record the views seen through the front or rear windscreens (or both).

There are also dash cams that show the exterior views as seen from the vehicle’s other windows. Some cameras record what goes on in the interior of the car; still photos can be taken from the scenes and sent remotely. Most of the cameras available nowadays record in high-definition videos.

Dash Cams

A dash cam is usually seen on the following locations inside the vehicle:

  • Interior windscreen (usually for wide-angle front cameras)

  • Rearview mirror

  • Top of the dashboard (by adhesive tape or a suction cup)

  • Rear window (mostly for rear cameras)

  • Registration plate (rear cameras)

Benefits of Having a Dash Cam

  • Solid proof in case of an accident

    – in case the driver is involved in an accident or becomes a witness to one on the road.

  • Fraud prevention

    – Dash cams are invaluable in refuting fraudulent claims, such as those from staged accidents that have the goal of extorting money from an innocent victim (driver or vehicle owner).

  • Additional security measure

    – A dash cam can be set up to record views around the vehicle’s surrounding area – crucial in determining what or who caused scratches, tried to break into the vehicle, or vandalised it.

  • Improved Driving

    – The camera can be used to review the driver’s driving techniques, to see if anything needs to be improved or adjusted.