Car Interiors Alterations & Modifications

Vehicle interior tuning involves the alteration of the interior part of the car, usually as part of following strict regulations to qualify for racing events. Modifications to a vehicle’s interiors may also be for other reasons unrelated to racing, such as for added comfort, and for health/medical reasons.

Racing Sanctioned events for NASCAR, for example, require cars to have a minimum weight. To be able to achieve this specified weight, the interior is usually stripped of the parts that are deemed to be unnecessary for the racing event. After the interior stripping, the addition of ballast makes it possible for the required weight to be achieved by precisely controlling the weight distribution.

Interior vehicle modification is also done to meet the safety requirements prior to a race. Depending on the class joined, some of the modifications include:

Interiors (2)

  • Reinforced bucket seats

  • Seat harnesses

  • Roll cages

  • Fire extinguishers

Auto parts or features that are not crucial to the race may be removed completely – to reach the weight requirement and to give way to the installation of safety requirements, such as the roll cages. In such cases, the removal of air conditioning, audio systems, and soundproofing may be considered as necessary.