Radio Repairs

Radio Repairs

The audio system may not be an important part of what makes the vehicle run – but it is an important part of what makes driving and riding the vehicle a memorable experience. Any adjustments and repairs that need to be done to the audio system should only be done by experts, using the most trusted brands and systems, to ensure topnotch results.

Audio system repairs may also include the parts of the satellite navigation system. Repairs or replacement of parts may involve old-school, classic stereos to the most advanced digital technology sound systems now available in newer vehicle models.

Repairs on a vehicle’s mobile entertainment system generally involve replacements on the screen, and on the system’s audio parts.

Car/vehicle audio repairs may include one or more of the following:

  • Radio repairs

  • Replacement/repairs of LED/LCD screen, amplifiers, or CD changers

  • Overall car audio repairs and servicing

  • CD and DVD player repairs/servicing

  • Repairs/replacement of speakers, subwoofers, or amplifiers

  • TFT display replacement

  • Satellite navigation system and screen repairs

  • Replacement of audio system parts

  • Decoding of in car entertainment systems

  • Removal and refitting of audio system