Car Retro-fitting

Retrofitting for cars refers to the addition of technology and/or components to vehicles’ existing features.

The goal of retrofitting is to enhance the overall efficiency, functionality, and to a certain extent, the appearance of the cars. In this sense, automotive retrofitting can be regarded as a form of upgrade that can also work on making the vehicle compatible with current environmental standards, wherever applicable.

Retrofitting for cars by Sextons London involves the following services:

  • Apple CarPlay & Smart-Phone Installation

Retrofitting a car by installing Apple CarPlay results in safer driving conditions while using an iPhone to make calls, receive and send messages, listen to music, and get directions. The apps can be accessed by a touchscreen dashboard display with a simplified interface for fewer distractions.

  • Audio Upgrades

Aftermarket car speakers can enhance the sound coming from the stereo especially when stock speakers do not deliver the desired sound quality. Other audio upgrades can come in the form of adding a sub and retrofitting with power amps.

  • Folding Mirrors

Retrofitting an older vehicle with power folding mirrors will make it easier for the driver to conveniently adjust and control the mirrors’ position. The mirrors can be folded inwards or returned to their on-road positions without the driver needing to go to both sides of the car to manually adjust the positions.

  • Reverse Cameras
    Reverse Cameras

Also called backup cameras, reverse cameras work on the specific task of assisting in backing up the car in an efficient and safe manner. These cameras are attached to older cars to enable the drivers to have a clear view of the area at the back of the vehicle as a crucial safety measure to prevent blind spots and accidents.

  • Sat Nav Installation
    Navigation Systems

A satellite navigation system is a common built-in feature of new vehicles but may need to be installed separately for older cars. A sat nav installation will significantly improve the driving experience with more seamless navigation to the chosen destination.