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TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely in one of several dozen places around your vehicle. There is no visible aerial or other identifying feature so the thief can't see it and won't know it's there.

Even if your vehicle is taken to France or Spain, or actually stolen whilst you are in either of these countries, TRACKER can still locate your vehicle.

TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems have a Thatcham Category Q listing. This means they meet the highest standards set out by Thatcham, the industry's official body for approving security products.

Many insurance companies recognise the many benefits of TRACKER and most policies carry a discount where a TRACKER system is fitted.

TRACKER Response is based on a unique combination of GPS and VHF tracking technologies and utilises GSM communications. TRACKER Response provides an unrivalled entry into the marketplace.

In addition, TRACKER Response provides Driver Validation tags for added security and a consumer website incorporating 3D mapping.

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How TRACKER Response Works

TRACKER Response is equipped to monitor the illegal movement of your vehicle, even when the ignition is turned off and the immobilizer is activated.

If the vehicle is moved without your authorization an alert is generated and you will be notified accordingly. You then contact TRACKER HQ to provide confirmation of the theft. Using GPS and our patented VHF technology, the TRACKER control room can display the vehicle's precise location on computer-based maps.

Driver Validation Tag

TRACKER Response includes a driver validation system that can detect whether the person driving the vehicle is authorised to do so. If the tag cannot be detected by the TRACKER Response unit, for example in the event of a theft where the thief does not have the tag, an alert will be generated and on confirmation of the theft, the tracking process begins

TRACKER Response Customer Website

For the first time TRACKER's Stolen Vehicle Recovery system is offering a truly interactive customer website to TRACKER Response customers. This will provide you with a host of additional benefits, including:

Route planner functionality:
This will provide you with the best-selected route for your chosen journey. In addition, TRACKER Response can highlight roadwork locations and other vehicle incidents.

Historical travel information:
This will allow you to see which routes your vehicle has travelled over a 6-month period, for example if you have lent your vehicle to another driver. Should you use your personal vehicle for business use, TRACKER Response allows you to flag business journeys and provides an interactive calculator, which will detail each business journey selected.

Personal reminder alerts:
In the instance where you leave the vehicle unattended, for example, at a train station car park, you can set a personal alert that will notify you of any vehicle movement. The TRACKER Response customer website allows you to highlight important dates, such as; your car's MOT or friend's birthday.

On the specified date, an alert will be sent to you reminding you of the event. A number of other alerts are also available such as a speed monitor.

European Cover

TRACKER Monitor and TRACKER Horizon provide tracking throughout the UK, France and Spain as standard. In addition to the UK, France and Spain, TRACKER Response and TRACKER Echo are operational throughout Western Europe. To find out how you can subscribe to the extend European coverage call TRACKER Customer helpline on 01895 811 989

Please note that TRACKER Response is available for passenger cars only.

A subscription fee of £135 Per Year or £383 for 3 years. Payable to Tracker Network.
Tracker Response is not transferable from vehicle to vehicle.