Speed Camera Detection

Speed camera detectors are used to give warning to drivers when they are about to approach an in-use laser or radar-based speed detection camera. This enables the driver to adjust the driving speed accordingly, to avoid being tagged for over speeding. In the UK, GPS speed detection systems are completely legal to use.

Using speed camera detectors should not be used as an excuse to go over the speed limit but should instead be considered as an additional safety precaution. The detectors serve as reminders to adjust the speed accordingly not only to avoid being penalised for speed violations, but also to keep the speed at a safe level.

Technologies Used in Speed Cameras

  • Radar

    The Doppler radar concentrates a radio signal at a stretch of road. When a vehicle drives along this patch of road, changes in the frequency will show its presence, and will also indicate the speed of its movement.

  • Laser

    Laser speed detectors use laser pulses to determine the measurement of the vehicle’s location; from this measurement, the speed of the vehicle’s movement can then easily be calculated.

  • GPS

    The Global Positioning System obtains information from satellites that orbit the earth, which continuously transmit accurate microwave signals. Speed detection cameras have GPS receivers that use these precise signals from the satellites to measure the vehicle’s location.

Speed Camera Detection

Are GPS Detectors Legal?

Yes, GPS speed camera detectors are completely legal to use in the UK. The police view these detectors as a speeding deterrent because they do not inform the driver if the camera has film (when using radar technologies); the detector only informs about the presence of an approaching camera.

The brands we use include:

  • Road Angel

  • Road Pilot (link)

  • Snooper

  • POGO Alert