Car & Styling & Customisation


Vehicle customization usually follows a specific style based on established design concepts. Some vehicle owners want a detailed match to a given style, while others may want to incorporate their own ideas with an existing design. In the end, vehicle styling comes down to the personal preferences of the owner.

StylingExterior styling includes the modification or replacement of the following parts:

  • Lights

  • Bumpers

  • Side mirrors

  • Hood

  • Trunk

  • Roof

  • Doors

  • Window visors

  • Fenders

  • Side skirts

  • Body kit

  • Sport grill

  • Rear spoiler

Car Modification Styles

Some of the various car modifications influences and/or styles include:

  • VIP

    Luxury vehicle in black, heavily tinted, shiny wheels, plenty of chrome. May also include extremely low ride heights, body kits, camber.

  • Classic

    Fully-restored pre-1980 car that has been brought back to its stock condition, as it would have been when it left the factory.

  • Hot Rod

    Usually cars belonging to a specific period with unique finishes and components, to emulate cars from the ‘30s and ‘40s.

  • Rat Rod/Rat Style

    Imitation of the unfinished appearance of hot rods in the ‘40s until the ‘60s.  A vehicle with this style may look ready to be eaten by rust and is more suited to the junkyard – but with the presence of a well-tuned engine.

  • Lowrider

    Typically large American cars with flashy paint, hydraulic suspensions, very low to the ground.

  • Euro Style

    The “smoothed” look with all trims and badges removed, and the seams around the panels filled in. The shaving off of features is done to define the body lines of the car.