Tracking Systems

State-of-the-art Car Tracking Solutions

You can reduce your insurance premiums with insurance approved, Thatcham accredited, tracking system. Track and monitor your car from wherever you are, at any time, with a self-monitored service.

  • ​With live tracking, you’ll know what your car (or the driver inside) is doing at all times
  • Get instant alerts directly to your phone
  • Assess driving efficiency or set up geo-fencing - ideal for checking if a recently qualified driver is safe
  • Choose one of our insurance approved products for complete peace of mind with 24/7 Security Operating Centre monitoring, Driver ID –tags and immobiliser options

Most motor insurance policies offer discounts where a Tracker system is fitted in the vehicle, as many insurance companies acknowledge the numerous benefits of this vehicle recovery system.

Our Tracking Syatem Levels:

S7: Basic

S5: Security and Connectivity to Protect your Vehicle

S5 Deadlock: Combines automatic immobilisation with sophisticated tracking to prevent vehicle theft and give you total peace of mind. 

Sophisticated tracking tech. combined with an easy-to-use mobile phone app.
​Increasing your safey & security and connecting you and your vehicle, at any time.

Cobra Trak Q

Alarm Systems

Cobra Trak Q provides the ultimate protection for motor vehicles, with European coverage. The system works

Upon discovery of the motor theft, the owner is required to report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number. The owner should then get in touch with the Cobra 24-hour control centre, after which:

  • An alert is sent to the Cobra Control Room; a representative will then get in touch with the owner to verify the authenticity of the alert;
  • GSM and GPS technologies are used to activate the tracking system for the vehicle;
  • Local police forces are contacted;
  • Pin-point location information is given to the police to start timely recovery of the vehicle.