Car Tuning Boxes & Modifications

Tuning Box

Auto tuning refers to the modifications done to a vehicle’s appearance or performance. This is a way to personalise the vehicle according to the owner’s unique specifications and requirements. A car can be modified to improve fuel efficiency, to provide better driving and handling, or to have an appearance uniquely matched to the owner’s personality.

The goal of tuning a vehicle is to achieve the best possible performance and/or appearance, through the modification, addition, or complete replacement of parts.

Car Tuning Areas

  • Engine

    This involves modifying the engine’s operating characteristics. The engine’s electronically-controlled parts can be changed through changing the software, or through plug-in hardware (which provides false data). Replacement of mechanical parts, such as superchargers or turbochargers, may also be involved.

  • Interior

    In the case of cars that are used for racing events, changes in interiors are crucial as part of following strict regulations for qualifications. The required weight, for example, may be achieved by stripping the interior, and with the removal of other features such as air conditioning and audio systems.

  • Audio

    Customisation for the audio system can include upgrades to the stock system with the addition of an improved wiring system, the installation of higher quality speakers and subwoofers, etc.

  • Suspension

    This involves the modification of the shock absorbers, springs, sway bars, and other parts related to the vehicle’s suspension system.

  • Wheels

    One of the most cost-effective ways to personalise a vehicle is by changing the wheels/tires. This includes changing the size for various road conditions/requirements, and personalising by changing the rims.

  • Body

    Body tuning has the goal of improving the appearance and the aerodynamic performance of a car. This usually involves the addition or modification of a body kit and spoilers.